Ways a Disability Attorney Can Help You

If you have an illness or injury that prevents you from working before you turn 62, you may need to file a disability claim. And while the disability process is a lengthy one, it’s not impossible to win if you hire a disability attorney. That said, following are some ways this legal professional can help you.

Assist With Filing

There are many forms you need to complete to initiate the disability claims process. Typically, a representative from your disability attorneys’ office in Kansas City will ask you questions and fill out the forms as you respond to them. This ensures that all the proper forms are completed so you case isn’t thrown out.

Eases Your Mind

Filing for disability can be a harrowing experience. You may worry that this is your last chance to get some much-needed income. Your lawyer can help mitigate your stress by discussing the claims process in detail and recommending that you be proactive the entire time.

Coordinate Paperwork With Social Securit

Your disability attorneys from Kansas City will have direct access to the Social Security claims people and adjudicators. That way they can download files at anytime to keep Social Security updated.

Your Advocate During Hearing

If you appeal your case a second time, a hearing will be scheduled for you at a later date. During the hearing, you’ll have a chance to plead your case and answer questions directly from the judge. Your attorney can recommend how you answer certain questions, plus serve as your voice against the vocational expert — someone who Social Security subpoenas to be present at the hearing. After studying your case and input, the vocational expert may still suggest you could perform certain jobs. Your attorney can then countermand that advice to null the vocational expert’s testimony.

Help You Win

Your disability attorneys in Kansas City can better help you win your case. This is assuming you have all the medical documents available to support your claim.

Grundy Disability Group LLC, a legal firm, knows how devastating a disability can be for you, which is why its lawyers work on disability cases around the clock.