Ways You Can Improve Whitening of Teeth

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Everyone wants a beautiful smile, right? In today’s society, a healthy, white smile can mean the difference in whether you get a job or not. In fact, it could be a defining factor in relationships. Having a correctly aesthetic smile has always been a thing of beauty, but it used to be for the rich and powerful. Now, Whitening of teeth is affordable to everyone. Here are the different ways available to you.

  • Dental care offered in pharmacy

. Why pay for a device to whiten teeth, when there are toothpastes, toothbrushes, and mouthwashes that can do it for you? Many contain bleach and are relatively effective, essentially acting as an abrasive that removes stains from teeth. Most cost less than $10.

  • Whitening strips

. Whitening strips have been available for years. However, the materials and adhesives used in their composition have been modified. Some will require five minutes a day use, and some an hour, up to a month. Sensitivity may occur, though.

  • Bleaching trays

. Depending on the model, the gutters are pre-filled with gel, while for others, the patient must add it. They are made of a flexible material, which in some cases, can be molded to the teeth. This may be relatively inexpensive, but some may have to wear these devices for two weeks or more.

  • Custom molded gutters

. The dentist takes the impression of your teeth to fabricate a plastic mold that will provide a bleaching tray that adapts perfectly without covering the gum tissue. You will receive a whitening gel syringe or bottle that you will fill the gutters with at home. There is a day and night formula and treatments can run from $200 to $500.

  • Treatment at the dentist

. Whitening of teeth has never been so easy. Gel is applied by the dentist at a much higher content of hydrogen peroxide than home-based products. In some cases, UV radiation or an LED light is used to accelerate its action. There are numerous studies that have confirmed this is the most cost-effective method.

For more information about whitening, or to inquire about other dental procedures, visit Smiles by Dr. Shrenna Clifton, or contact your local dentist.