Wear The New Kind Of Braces With Invisalign

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Few of us are born with a perfect set of teeth. Getting each tooth to be straight and our bite to be perfectly aligned takes a series of dental treatments. This once meant wearing metal braces that were frequently applied to the mouths of children during their junior high school years. These silver bands and wires caused much consolation and left more than one youngster to be bullied with the words “metal mouth.” Along with their metal enhanced smile, patients were given everything from head gears to wear to rubber bands for connections. Luckily these days of orthodontic work are long gone. Patients well into their adult years can have their teeth straightened with Invisalign at Cary Dental Associates LLC is well experienced with Invisalign in Cary, IL. He knows that along with his team members they can realign teeth to perfection the invisible way.

Invisalign in Cary IL as applied by the dentist and his team is made up of a clear plastic cover that fits over your teeth. As your teeth realign themselves, a new clear tray is fit once again. It is so invisibly clear, that only the patient and their dentist know it is in place. Photographs and more information about this treatment is detailed on the web site Sitename.

In addition to the act of straightening one’s teeth, all forms of general dentistry must take place. Cleanings with the dental hygienist must also be kept up, so that unnecessary bacteria does not impede your straightening efforts. Routine appointments are still necessary for the dentist to ascertain whether there are areas of decay in the mouth. If there are, fillings can be made that are of porcelain material. These blend so well, that there is little indication that your tooth has been filled when you laugh or smile widely. After your teeth have been properly straightened, you may want to talk to the dentist about having cosmetic dentistry performed. They may be able to whiten your teeth several shades, further improving on your new found smile. For more information, contact Cary Dental Associates LLC today.