What are Frameless Shower Doors?

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For decades, the only options people had for shower enclosures were the standard shower curtains and sliding glass doors that were in frames. Today, there are many other options available, and these options are often easier to use, and look a whole lot better. Obviously, to put in new doors is going to involved a little bit of renovation work, but the end results are well worth it, especially when the work is done by a professional contractor who is experienced in this type of work.

Today, frameless shower doors are becoming the most popular tub and shower enclosures. They look a lot better than the older doors with frames, because they are more simple and elegant. It is simply a piece of thick tempered glass that pivots, or two pieces that slide. The glass is thicker than it is for standard shower enclosures, usually at least a quarter of an inch, so it is less prone to cracks and breakage. They are also heavier, weighing as much as 70 pounds, compared to a framed door which weighs up to 50 pounds.

These doors are a lot easier to clean, because there is no frame to get in the way of anything. It is just a solid sheet of glass, which can easily be cleaned with a vinegar and water solution that costs next to nothing to make. Customers can choose from left or right openings, depending on the style of their bathrooms and how everything is laid out.

There are a couple of drawbacks to having frameless shower doors installed. One is that they are more difficult to install. It is best to pay a professional to do this job, because of the weight of the glass. Also, these doors are a lot more expensive than traditional shower doors.

Customers can choose from bypass or pivot doors. Bypass doors are made from two sheets of glass, and these sheets slide so people can gain access to their showers and bath tubs. Pivot doors are on hinges, and open and close like regular doors. For more information about having these doors installed, contact the experts at 494 Glass and Mirror, Inc.