What are the responsibilities of a taxi driver?

by | Aug 3, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

To the traveling public it may appear that the only thing a taxi driver has to do is take people from and to places, this is not the case, there is more to being a taxi driver than meets the eye. A cab driver for Winchester MA taxi service must be ready, willing and able to take on other responsibilities including the handling of money and to maintain the cleanliness of his car.

Anyone who wishes to drive a taxi must have great communication skills. Taxi drivers never know who their next fare will be or what might be expected of him. Taxi drivers may be called upon to follow erratic schedules asked for by his ride, especially when they are hired for the entire day by tourists or business people. Taxi drivers are often called upon by elderly people to run small errand on their behalf, things like picking up their laundry and dry cleaning or running to the post office. Errand running is all part of the duties of a Winchester MA taxi service.

There are always special expectations of taxi drivers and they are expected to accomplish them in a cautious and kind manner. Over and above the people aspect of the job, the taxi driver is often called upon to operate different types of vehicles, for example those vehicles that are modified to accommodate handicapped people. The modification is an elevating ramp which allows the handicapped passenger to enter the vehicle and remain seated in the wheelchair for the duration of the trip.

Rarely is a taxi driver expected to repair the vehicle that he has been assigned to, however, they may be expected to make minor repairs when called upon. It may be necessary to change a burned out light or to replace windshield wiper blades, these small tasks can be done by the driver. Depending on the situation, many drivers are expected to turn their cab over to the next driver clean both inside and out.

During the course of a day a taxi driver will have to deal with fares. If the taxi has been hired to perform a fixed function such as traveling from a given place to the airport, the fees are often fixed, in other cases the fare is calculated from the meter and charts for any extras.

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