What Can You Expect From Dental Oral Surgery for Wisdom Teeth in Grove City PA?

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If your dentist says you need Dental Oral Surgery in Grove City PA, you may feel a little nervous and wonder what the procedure will entail. Many people end up needing surgery on their wisdom teeth because they have become impacted, are growing in wrong or are causing pain. Others needs these teeth pulled because they simply do not have room in their mouth to accommodate all of their teeth. If you are in need of a wisdom tooth extraction, it is important you are fully prepared for what to expect during the procedure. This will help to set your mind at ease.

What Happens When You Need Dental Oral Surgery in Grove City PA?

If all four of your wisdom teeth are needing to be extracted, the dentist will most likely want to carry them all out at once. This is typically done under general anesthesia, so you will be asleep during the process. This surgery is done on an outpatient basis, meaning you will be sent home to recover. Many people find it easier and more comfortable to recover at home. The dentist will work to get your wisdom teeth out as gently as possible, working to make sure the other teeth and the gum tissue in the areas are not damaged.

First, the dentist will need to have X-rays taken of your entire mouth. This allows him or her to see where the root systems for your wisdom teeth are, so the surgical operation can be fully planned. Each tooth will need to have an incision made around it. This allows the dentist to be able to remove the tooth and the roots as easily as possible. If the teeth have simple root structures, this will not be a problem. If the root structures are curled or embedded down in the bone, the process could be more difficult.

The recovery time for Dental Oral Surgery in Grove City PA is usually around three to four weeks. You will have sutures in your mouth that will eventually dissolve. This will help to keep your gum tissue closed until it grows over each empty socket. It is important you follow your dentist’s instructions, so you can fully recover after the procedure.

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