What Can You Expect From Root Canal Treatment in Lafayette, LA?

If your tooth has been affected by a cavity or infection, you could be at risk for needing a tooth extraction. No one wants to lose one of their teeth, but sometimes these issues cause massive damages in the tooth. If your tooth structure has been compromised, the dentist may be able to save your tooth through a Root Canal Treatment in Lafayette, LA. This treatment removes the diseased portions of your tooth and can help to save it from being lost. Knowing what to expect from your treatment can set your mind at ease and help you to be better prepared for when it comes time for you to have your procedure carried out.

What Happens When You Have a Root Canal?

If you are in need of a Root Canal Treatment in Lafayette, LA, the dentist will first need to make sure you are completely numb. This ensures you will not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure. Once you are numb, the dentist will need to create a small opening in your tooth. This opening will allow the dentist access to the inner portions of your tooth so the soft tissue and nerve can be removed. This removal process is important and the most time-consuming portion of the process.

Removing the inner portions of the tooth stops the decay and infection from continuing to cause problems with your tooth health. Removing the nerve stops any pain. Since an adult tooth no longer needs the nerve for proper functioning, its removal will not cause any issues with the health of your tooth. Once all of the inner structures of the tooth have been removed, the dentist will use tools called canal files to scrape down the inner root structures, making sure no tissue or infection is left behind.

Once your tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, it is sealed and you are sent home. This process is the best way to save your tooth from loss. To learn more about root canals or to seek dental treatment, visit They can provide you with all of the dental services needed, for a beautiful and healthy smile.

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