What Does a Family Dentist in Lakewood Do For You?

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If you are in need of dental services, the first person you go to will usually be a family dentist. Family dentists are also called general dentists, which is the term used to identify that segment of the dental service providers who give the widest range of service today. Your Family Dentist in Cherry Hill NJ will be able to provide a range of treatment types, as you can read about below.

Checkups, Teeth Cleaning and Polishing, and Filling Cavities

Perhaps the most frequent reason for a dentist visit is the checkup. During a checkup your family dentist will do a complete exam and will take x-ray images if there are any possible problem areas in your mouth. If your teeth need to be cleaned to remove the plaque and tartar, the dentist will often do this either before or after a checkup. If a cavity is present, your family dentist can fill the cavity using the method of your choice. Fillings today are more sophisticated than they were decades ago, and you can now choose between the amalgamation of silver and other base metals, gold fillings, and porcelain fillings. The filling type you choose may largely depend upon where the filling is: Porcelain fillings will blend in better for front teeth, for example, while silver blend fillings may be better for the less visible areas.

Emergency Dental Care Services

Many times, your Family Dentist Deforest WI will be willing to see you on an emergency basis when needed. An emergency could be nearly anything related to the mouth or teeth, for example bad tooth pain that happened very suddenly. Perhaps you were in an accident and dislodged a tooth or you chipped a tooth badly. If your emergency calls for a tooth repair, a cap, a removal, or something else entirely, the dentist can handle it efficiently on site.

Dentures and Bridges

Many family dentists work with all ages of patients, many of whom may need a replacement tooth or teeth at some point in their lives. Dentures, dental implants, and bridges are permanent or semi-permanent replacements that will allow you to replace the missing natural teeth in a realistic looking way.