What does a modern home designer do?

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Home Improvement

A modern home designer is a person who designs and prepares construction plans of future homes in order for them to be constructed. Basically there are two different types of home designers; architects are professionals who conceive the design and prepare detailed plans which include full construction dimensions and detail, including floor plans and outside elevations. There is a second group of modern home designers who deal only with the physical characteristics of the house but do not get involved in preparing the detailed plans which are needed for construction.

When most people think of a home designer they think of an architect. These professionals use their skills to develop house plans independently or in co-operation with a client; they draw elevations, floor plans and prepare detailed construction drawings. In the past all the drawings were meticulously done on paper using traditional drafting tools, today the designs are done using special computer software which results very accurate details and in far less time.

Other designers focus on the physical aspects of the house, both outside and inside the various rooms. This group of people includes interior designers and decorators who are skilled in color coordination, furniture design and placement and décor. In many cases the interior designer works alongside the architect and in other cases the interior designer comes in once the house has been built.

A modern home designer, especially if the individual is an architect will have to possess specialized education and training. An architectural education usually consists of four years in college after which the graduate will have to sit a licensing examination before he can design for a fee. Interior designers also need higher education; their courses are based on the arts. Regardless of whether the individual is an architect or a designer they both can command high salaries and charge high fees.

The demand for these professionals varies. A lot hinges on the real estate market and how quickly house builders need new modern house designs. It is not only the residential market that is attractive to designers and architects, some also focus their attention of commercial buildings. There are also designers who prepare their designs on speculation, selling their designs after they have been completed. This approach allows the same design to multiple clients.

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