What Happens During a Root Canal East Longmeadow MA

When you have to have a Root Canal East Longmeadow MA it will usually take more than one dental visit. During the root canal process there are a series of steps that will be taken by your dentist. Knowing what to expect during your Root Canal East Longmeadow MA can help to ease the anxiety that you feel going into the appointment.

The first step that your dentist will take is to take an x-ray in order to determine the shape of your root canals and then determine whether or not there is an infection present. The dentist will then use a local anesthesia in order to numb the area. If the nerve is dead, anesthesia may not be necessary, but the majority of dentists will use it anyway to ensure that the patient remains at ease.

The next step during a Root Canal East Longmeadow MA is to place a rubber dam, or a rubber sheet, around the tooth in order to keep the area dry and free from saliva during the procedure.

At this point your dentist will create a type of access hole into the tooth that is affected and the bacteria, pulp, nerve tissue and any additional debris are removed. This cleaning of the tooth is accomplished with root canal files. Sodium hypochlorite or water will be used to flush away the debris that are cleaned away.

Once the cleaning process is complete, your dentist will seal the hole. There are some dentists that will wait about a week before sealing the tooth to ensure that the infection has been completely cleared out. If you dentist does wait to finish the Root Canal East Longmeadow MA they will use a temporary filling in order to fill the tooth and keep contaminates such as food and saliva out of the hole that is created.

Root canals are a fairly common procedure that dentists complete on a regular basis. If you need this procedure completed, it is important to have it done right away to eliminate more issues later on. If an infection is left untreated, it can enter the blood stream causing even more problems.


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