What Is A Custom Mouthguard?

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A mouthguard is a barrier which is worn over the teeth; a custom mouthguard is one which has been produced exclusively for the wearer by a dentist or a “boil and bite” guard. Mouthguards are frequently worn by athletes to protect their teeth from sports related injuries, the type that can be expected from contact sports such as football or martial arts. A mouthguard can also be useful for those who do not engage in sports but have the tendency to grind their teeth. There are a number of different designs of mouthguards but three are the most common; a standard “one size fits all”, a custom guard produced by a dentist and a mouthguard that becomes pliable when it is heated and eventually fits to the wearers profile.

A custom mouthguard which is produced by a dentist fits exactly to the person’s mouth and teeth. The guard is made from advanced material which provides excellent protection. As they are custom made, the wearer often finds that speech and breathing are easier than when wearing a store bought guard.

For occasional use a store bought guard can be purchased, this mouthguard requires no specific fitting. A better solution when the guard is not custom made is to purchase what is known as a boil and bite guard. This type of mouthguard can be heated and then placed in the mouth, it will then deform until it loosely fits the mouth and teeth.

A mouth guard is beneficial to anyone who plays a sport where there is the potential of contact with either another player or a ball for example. Young athletes are more often wearing braces and as such a custom mouthguard is imperative. Non-custom guards will not adapt to braces, hence the teeth will not be perfectly protected.

Although mouthguards are most often associated with contact sports, people who habitually grind their teeth can also benefit from wearing one. When a person grinds his or her teeth repetitively, this motion can cause severe tooth damage, wearing a guard can save having to have costly dental work done. It is not just the cost of dental work; the individual can actually do harm to the jaw and impair the hearing function.

A boil and bite custom mouthguard is an important accessory for those who engage in full contact sports, you can order online from eeMore.