What is a licensed roofer?

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A licensed roofer in PG County is a contractor who repairs and installs roofing on residential homes and commercial properties. To become licensed the candidate must have gained some experience on the job, in some jurisdictions part of the licensing procedure is show evidence that you are bonded and carry liability insurance and workers comp.

Roofers use a variety of materials in their profession; tiles, asphalt shingles, metal roofing material and rubber membrane roofing to name but a few. In many areas the building code specifies the manner in which these materials are to be installed and the individual who wishes to become a licensed roofer in PG County must be very familiar with all the local requirements. Many roofers in the last few years are getting involved in the installation of solar panels so familiarity with wiring and wiring procedures is also a must. Some companies offer their employees a full apprenticeship program while others receive no formalized training but gain the skill and knowledge to perform the work while working alongside skilled professional roofers.

The rules and regulations that define what the candidate possesses before being granted a license varies. In many areas the local authorities expect the candidate to have completed a set number of hours employed in the roofing business, this can be as an apprentice or an entry level employee. Those that can show that they have the time then attend training classes where the local regulations under which they must work are dealt with along with issues concerning liability. The classes end when the candidate sits a test, either written or practical and the assessor determines if the candidate for the roofer’s license has the skills to earn it. Those who pass this hurdle are then allowed to make a formal application for their license and pay the applicable fees.

In many cases the applicant must attach proof that they are bonded and have liability insurance. The bond provides a certain degree of financial protection to both the licensed roofer in PG County and the property owner should there be a lawsuit arise as a result of the contractors work. A bond issuer agrees to cover any damages that the roofer is ordered to pay as a result of the suit. Bond amounts are limited and in the event the damage award is greater than the bond amount it is expected that the excess is paid by the contractor’s liability insurance policy.