What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

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There is ample evidence to support the fact that cigarette smoking is harmful and is directly related to many pulmonary disorders including lung cancer. People that smoke cigarettes are usually very aware of the harmful effects; but try as they might, it is impossible for them to stop smoking. To overcome this problem, an electronic cigarette company produces a mechanical substitute; the electronic cigarette simulates smoking but there is no tobacco and when there is no tobacco there is no tar or other harmful chemicals or carcinogens. There are several manufacturers of the devices, when smoking bans were put in place t`hroughout most of the world, these substitutes became extremely popular.

Unless one was particularly looking, it is difficult to tell the difference between a real cigarette and one produced by an electronic cigarette company. The typical electronic cigarette comes in kit form, the kits comprises a rechargeable battery, a battery charger which can be part of the pack, the cigarette device and cartridges which simulate smoking. After a day of smoking the battery will need recharging and depending on the use, the cartridges need periodic replacement.

There are many different electronic cigarettes, some are more realistic than others, even the end lights up red as one expects of a real cigarette. They all work on the same concept, the smoker draws on the cylinder; the air flow ignites a processing device which injects liquid which rapidly becomes nicotine vapor or mist which is then inhaled by the user, providing a satisfactory inhalation of nicotine. To simulate smoke, the liquid also contains Propylene Glycol.

Although an electronic cigarette company will resist saying that their products are a beneficial aid to stop smoking altogether there are several benefits when these devices are used in lieu of real cigarettes. The primary benefit of course is that there is no tar or harmful chemicals inhaled because the devices do not use processed tobacco which is the source of the cancer causing chemicals. A further benefit is that they are not banned indoors as are real cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes are odorless and there is no fear of second hand smoke as the “smoke” is actually just a harmless vapor.

The one thing an electronic cigarette does not do is to eliminate nicotine which is the habit forming component of real tobacco cigarettes. The authorities have no regulatory interest in the devices because as far as they are concerned, if it does not contain tobacco they do not have any reason to intervene.

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