What Is Laparoscopic Surgery?

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Laparoscopic surgery in Reading, PA is a technique that the surgeon uses; it consists of a series of small incisions in strategic spots through which the surgeon inserts a tiny camera and light along with the tools necessary to conduct the operation. Laparoscopic surgery is very different than traditional open surgery and is now the preferred method in a host of surgical situations as the recovery time is considerably less which makes the situation better for the recovering patient.

The doctor uses a laparoscope which is a miniature camera which is complete with its own light source; this device is inserted into one of the small incisions and allows the surgical team to view the site via a monitor which shows the site highly magnified. Once this camera is placed as the surgeon wishes, other incisions can now be made to allow for the introduction of those tools which will be used as the surgery progresses.

It is possible for the surgeon to increase the site by introducing carbon dioxide gas which increases the room that the surgeon has to manipulate the instruments, once the laparoscopic surgery in Reading, PA has been completed, the gas will be evacuated and the small incisions that were made will be closed.

Laparoscopic surgery can be tricky for the surgeon but there are definite advantages to this type of operation. The healing time is reduced considerably which is a tremendous benefit for the patient, it also decreases the chance of an infection setting in as well as the development of blood clots. One of the goals of any surgeon is to see the patient up and mobile as quickly as possible after the procedure has been completed and the use of laparoscopic surgery helps immensely in seeing that this happens. As there is less need for the surgeon to cut through muscle and connective tissues the healing process can be accelerated and the patient is more comfortable after surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery in Reading, PA is not an option for all surgery but it is something that you may wish to discuss with the doctor, especially if the surgery is confined to the abdominal area. If it is thought that laparoscopic surgery is a possibility, the doctor will recommend the appropriate surgeon and full counseling on the procedure. Many surgical issues that were once done with open surgery are now done through small incisions.