What Is Water Damage Remediation?

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Cleaning

If a building has been damaged with flood water or structures have been exposed to water over a long period of time, water damage remediation is the measures that are taken to restore the structure to its former condition. Correcting water damage in Lynden, WA is a specialty task and to perform the work correctly those involved have to have certain skills to ensure the job is done right because water damage can be the root of many problems.

Of course any exposure to water will leave immediate evidence like stains, however water can also be the cause of serious structural issues if it managed to enter areas where it came into contact with structural members of the house such as joists. In the short term the wooden joists will swell and in the long term it will lead to the appearance of mold and mildew, it can lead to situations that do not show themselves for perhaps years after the flood, over time exposure to flood water can eventually deteriorate wiring and even plumbing.

The first thing that must be undertaken is the removal of all the standing water, then any and all materials which are obviously soaking wet must be removed, this can be the furniture, carpeting as well as the dry wall. The experts will lift the floorboards to determine if any of the structure which is normally hidden has also suffered damage. Once the floorboards are up it is possible to assess the damage and evaluate the needed repairs, it also gives the area a chance to dry if there appears to be no damage, just slightly wet. During this time it is important to get the air dry by using fans and dehumidifiers, the circulation of air has a tendency to retard fungal growth as well.

Once the building has been stripped of everything which is beyond redemption and is totally dry, reconstruction can commence. Those who are experts in remedying water damage in Lynden, WA will either undertake the reconstruction of supervise others. Damaged parts of the structure will be pulled out and replaced, new carpets will be laid, dry wall installed and flooring will be reinstalled and the whole area repainted. Depending on the extent of the damage, remediation can take anything from a few days to months.

During the remedial process it is very important that the integrity of the structure is preserved. If there is parts of the structure that even look a little dubious they should be replaced and before internal repairs start the building must be perfectly dry.

Northwest Professional Services have technicians on staff that can properly assess water damage in Lynden, WA as well as the specialized equipment and the experience needed to dry the house and help you with your insurance claim.

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