What Kind of AC Repairs Does a Columbia HVAC System Require?

It’s when winters are mild that homeowners frequently switch between heat and air conditioning. As time advances, anything mechanical will develop problems. Professionals who do AC repair in Columbia, SC, will help maintain your HVAC system so you won’t awaken shivering on a cold night because your unit failed. What repairs does an AC require?

The Basics

Filters capture dirt, dust, pet dander, and more from the air we breathe. They must be kept changed when dirty in order to breathe clean air. Pleated filters and the more expensive filters are usually good for three months. The cheaper ones usually last one month. They can be found in the exchange in the basement or in a closet and in the return in the hallway or living room. They’re usually the same size.

There’s a kind of filter on the outside unit called fins. These must be kept clear of debris, leaves, and grass clippings for the heat to be blown out of your house in order for cool to be blown in. A broom or a water hose will do it. Cleaning the fan blades is a good idea, too. If you feel uneasy doing these things, then a professional who does AC repair in Columbia, SC, will be happy to help.

The Specifics

The coils, condenser motor, and fan motors are usually the province of HVAC professionals. Likewise, the electrical system and any gas lines. If your HVAC unit fails to blow cool air into the house, then contact us at https://sweethvac.com. Sweet Comfort Services LLC will be there in a jiffy to help.