What Sort Of Work Awaits The Photographer In Northern Virginia?

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I suppose anyone with a camera can be a Photographer in Northern Virginia and, these days, that is just about all of us! We may all have cameras in several different guises and many of us use them almost every day; but, very few of us even dream about selling those photographs; let alone packing in our “day jobs” and seeking work as a professional Photographer in Northern Virginia.

Combining Technical Expertise With Creative Skills

It is one thing to know exactly how to set up your camera and associated equipment; so as to produce a perfect shot in terms of things like white balance, exposure, focus, etc; but, where is the imagination that turns that particular photograph into a work of art? You need this extra ability if you are going to make your living by taking photographs.

Plenty Of Subject Matter

Even in these camera saturated days, it is surprising how many people will actually part with money in exchange for a good printed photograph. Your passport photo for example – you can go to a booth, input a few coins, sit down, wait a while and come away with a photograph that will be acceptable to the issuing authorities. You may well hate it; but, you don’t have to actually look at it very often. However, there are people that will visit the studio of a professional Photographer in Northern Virginia simply to have their passport photo taken in a way that both meets the regulations and is attractive to look at – maybe even framed and displayed; or, used as a Christmas card design. To the photographer, this will not be exciting work to perform; but, it will provide some income – maybe essential when starting out.

Then, there are people who have found it nearly impossible to take a good photo of their pet animal(s); they may be prepared to spend money just to get the shot that they really want (same thing with babies and on upward to complete family group portraits). Of course, a good, steady source of income can come from being the official photographer at weddings and other special functions. Many a Photographer in Northern Virginia finds wedding photography to be; not only lucrative; but, also an opportunity to hone their photojournalist skills by telling each and every separate wedding story in its own unique pictorial way.

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