What To Consider When Booking A Catering Hall on Long Island

While many couples opt to use a professional wedding planner for their big day, the vast majority of couples plan the wedding on their own. They may have assistance from friends and family, but they are typically going to plan, evaluate and choose each and every detail that goes into making their wedding day truly memorable. In some cases this may mean having to learn about hosting a large event, including booking a catering hall on Long Island to host the reception.

There are several questions that you should ask any catering hall on Long Island before signing a contract or putting down a deposit to reserve the date. By having the answers to the questions to will be assured that the dinner and entertainment for your reception will be just what you wanted.

Room Configuration Options

Depending on the number of people you have and the style of your reception room configuration options can be a major consideration. For example, if you are having a buffet style meal you will need room to set up tables and move people through the hall without crowding. If you are having table service you have the option to space the tables more towards the outside of the room and leave a central area open around the head table.

Number of People

Along with the room configuration you will need to know how many people will be at the reception. This is important both for seating but also to allow room for moving around and for a dance floor, band or DJ area as well as bar service or other specialized service you may desire.

Decorating the Catering Hall on Long Island

Decorating the catering hall on Long Island is generally a job for a select committee or group of friends and family. However, many top catering facilities can provide staff to complete all the decorations to your specifications. While this may add a slight amount to the cost it also helps to reduce stress and pressure. Just make sure to check with the hall about any decorations that you may be providing to ensure they are allowed.

Using a top quality catering hall on Long Island is an excellent way to get ideas for your reception. They will also provide you with information you need and also make suggestions for options you may not have considered.

The catering hall on Long Island that you select will be an important part of making your wedding day memorable. Visit our website at for more information.

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