What to Do if You Have a Flooded Basement in Albany, NY

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A Flooded Basement Albany NY doesn’t just affect the basement structure. The massive amount of moisture in the house can cause a big mold problem throughout the house, including black mold, which can cause health problems when you breathe in the mold spores in the air. A more immediate danger is the possiblity of electrocution. If your electrical panel is in the basement, and if the water line is high enough to reach it, it can ruin that circuitry.

Any outlet or wiring that the water touches can make the standing water a danger to anyone. If you have water in the basement, it may not be safe to touch the water, not directly nor with a broom or anything else. Do not attempt to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the water. It may not be safe to use a wet vac, either, if there’s live electricity in the home. If your main water line valve is in the basement, but if you’re unsure if it’s safe to step into the water, let it go for now.

Once there’s water in the home, the structural damage starts very fast, so don’t hestitate to immediately call a remediation service, even in the middle of the night on a weekend. The sooner they can act, the better. A quick phone call may prevent more damage, more wait time for you while the scene is cleaned and repaired, and save you money. When you call a remediation company to fix a Flooded Basement Albany NY, they’re already aware of the various health hazards caused by having standing water in your home. Professional Fire Restoration Services is one of the best restoration company in Albany, NY. They can get the water removed safely, and then clean up all surfaces and fix the damage so it’s as if the water damage never occurred.

Since it isn’t necessarily safe for you to touch the water, let the remediation service shut off your water main and remove your belongings from the basement. They’ll remove clean water from broken pipes, gray water if it’s a toilet bowl or appliance that overflowed, or black water if it’s caused from a sewer line break or ground water. They’ll run powerful humidifiers to remove moisture from the air that causes mold and mildew, and they’ll disinfect the area if it was affected by pathogens.