What To Expect Before, During And After Your Rhinoplasty In Beverly Hills

by | Aug 22, 2014 | Health

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic surgical procedures. A top doctor offering rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills will carefully consider the shape and size of your face when discussing your surgical options. In most cases a dramatic change to the nose is not recommend as it can create a lack of harmony in the face and make the nose stand out as surgically altered.

The most often requested changes for rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills include removing the bump on the bridge of the nose or narrowing or refining the tip of the nose. This is a common request for both men and women and can also include reconstructing the air passage in the nose to enhance breathing.

Before Surgery

Well in advance of the procedure date you will meet with the plastic surgeon providing rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. He or she will discuss your medical history and ensure that you are good candidate for plastic surgery. In addition, using computer technology, the surgeon will show you the shape or modification to your nose.

The doctor doing your rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills will also discuss the procedure with you and let you know if he or she will be using general or local anesthesia for the procedure. Generally this is an outpatient procedure but in more complicated cases you may be required to stay in a hospital the night after the surgery.

After the Procedure

There will be swelling and slight bruising or discoloration of the nose for up to two weeks after rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills for most patients. You should not do any strenuous exercise or activities for several weeks depending on your healing process. You may find that your eyes are slightly swollen as well as and you will be prescribed pain medication for the first few days.

Care for the nose and facial area as recommended by your cosmetic surgeon and avoid using any makeup, lotion or face creams in the area until your doctor tells you it is allowed. Most people have very few complications or concerns after a rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills provided they follow their doctor’s instructions.


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