What To Expect During Eye Exams In St Paul MN

by | Aug 23, 2013 | Health

People are supposed to begin having eye exams in infancy to make sure that everything is developing properly. Then, exams continue during childhood to make sure that everything is going well and that children receive any visual correction they need to be able to keep up with their class in school. This is not always how things actually work out, however. Also, some people stop going to the doctor to have their eyes checked once they become adults. If you haven’t been to a clinic in a while, there are some basic things you can consistently expect to experience during eye exams St Paul MN.

The most famous part of Eye Exams St Paul MN is when people are asked to read letters off of a chart. Your job is basically to just sit up straight, look directly at the chart, and make your best effort to identify what letters are on whichever row the doctor requests. This is a simple way to test how well your eyes are actually doing at correctly perceiving items of various sizes at a known distance. You shouldn’t be alarmed if you eventually can’t see the letters or you get a few wrong. The test is designed so that the smaller options should push the limits of normal human vision.

There are also other things that get checked during eye exams St Paul MN. You will likely have someone look into your eye using a bright light to make it possible to see inside. They may decide to use a device that uses a small puff of air to measure the amount of pressure inside your eye as well. Finally, if there are signs that you have visual issues, they will have to check for astigmatism.

Should you need corrective lenses, the Eye Exams St Paul MN will include a phase where you look through a large device that has lenses built in. This allows the doctor to try out different potential prescriptions. You’ll have to read the letters again, and you may also be asked to give feedback on your preferences between pairs of options. Ultimately, the entire exam process takes a little time but there is nothing involved that needs to be frightening or is painful.

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