What to Expect from Senior Care in Alexandria, VA

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When families are looking for senior care in Alexandria, VA, for their loved ones, they turn to the professionals. A company such as Capital City Nurses has decades of experience providing support on a private, in-home basis to people who want to age at home with dignity. The caregivers offer as much assistance as is needed and help their clients live as independently as possible.

How It Works

When people are looking for senior care in Alexandria, VA, they turn to experts with years of experience. The best agencies will take a tailored approach to ensure that seniors receive all of the services they need, stay safe, and exercise as much independence as possible. First, they have a dedicated RN perform an assessment to learn what services are necessary, and then the personal care coordinator matches the senior with a caregiver based on the necessary skills and availability. They form a plan that is customized for each individual based on his or her specific needs.

What They Offer

Caregivers come to the home for senior care in Alexandria, VA. They can help with bathing, dressing, toileting, and grooming, and they prevent falls. They also prepare meals and encourage a healthy diet and proper nutrition, and they can assist with feeding if necessary. These professionals understand the importance of taking any medications on schedule, and they will accompany seniors to doctor’s appointments, pharmacy stops, and more. They also provide companionship through activities, such as conversation, playing games, and facilitating connections with family.