What to Expect from Testosterone Therapy in Austin, TX

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Many men find that they have low testosterone levels as they age. They often seek testosterone therapy in Austin, TX to treat this issue. Low testosterone can affect all parts of a man, from their appearance and sex drive, to muscle and bone mass. It is important to determine the cause to then provide the best treatment options.

How Does Low Testosterone Affect Men?

It is important for men with low testosterone to seek testosterone therapy in Austin, TX. When testosterone is low, it can affect a man’s appearance. Testosterone is responsible for stimulating sperm production and it influences a man’s sex drive. It also helps them build muscle and bone mass, and it is an important hormone.

Ways2Well helps men who notice symptoms, such as reduced sex drive, increased body fat, hair loss, low energy, fatigue, brain fog, loss of muscle mass, mood changes, and erectile dysfunction. Most men don’t think about testosterone after they finish puberty, but it plays a life-long role in their well-being. It is the primary sex hormone, and it is critical for the optimal health of the entire male body.

What Causes Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone is caused by aging, but it can be caused by other factors, such as obesity. When men are obese, the fat cells actually metabolize testosterone into estrogen. Low testosterone can also occur when men suffer injuries to the testicles, or it can be a result of recreational drug use. Additionally, low testosterone can result from liver and kidney conditions, head injuries, and chemotherapy as well.