What to Expect When You Are Having Asbestos Clean Up in CT

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If a contractor suspects you have asbestos in a home you are getting ready to make renovations or changes to, they may require an asbestos test be conducted. If the results indicate there is asbestos in your home, Asbestos Clean Up in CT will need to be done by a certified asbestos abatement team before any renovations can take place. If you have never been through this process before, you may be unsure of what to expect. Here is what you can expect if you are having asbestos removed from your home.

Setting Up Containment Barriers:

Before a team can begin to remove the asbestos, they will need to set up containment barriers. This helps ensure the air, dust and dirt they dig up while removing the asbestos is contained to only the room or area of your home where the clean up process is taking place. This helps to prevent asbestos from entering other areas of your home.

Removing the Asbestos:

There are many different surfaces asbestos can be hidden in. It can be hidden in the ceiling, in the wall or in floor tiles. Once the containment barriers are up, the asbestos abatement team will remove any of the surfaces in the room that tested positive for asbestos. This can include scraping a ceiling, removing tiles or drywall and insulation from a contaminated wall.

Removing the Materials From the Home:

The last step in Asbestos Clean Up in CT is to remove the materials containing asbestos from the home. Once a team pulls up floor tiles or scrapes a ceiling, they have to remove that material safely. Typically, they are wrapped or rolled tightly into plastic, and then secured in contamination bags. Once that occurs, the bags will be removed from the home and placed in hazardous waste containers, so they can be disposed of properly. Once the material is removed, the containment barriers are removed and the process is complete.

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