What to Know about an ECG Machine

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An ECG machine helps people track their heart rates and rhythm, and it is useful for people with heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation. Having an ECG machine for home is useful for people who need to monitor their heart rate and rhythm or for those who are pregnant or exercising. These machines can be affordable, and the best suppliers offer all of the accessories that people need.

ECG Machines Are Accurate

When people use an ECG machine to monitor their heart rhythm and rate, they pick up electrical signals from the heart. They have leads, and some have one or two, while a hospital-grade ECG may have up to 12. When the machine has more leads, it is more accurate. It is important to choose an ECG machine that is FDA-approved. The pricing may vary depending on the type, brand, and features, but there are affordable options. The best suppliers also have the accessories that are necessary to use with the machine so that people can get the information needed.

Tips for Using It

It is important for people to be very still to get an accurate reading from an ECG machine. They should sit down and relax, and it is best to wait a while after exercise or other physical activity. It is also important to avoid drinking cold drinks right before taking a reading. The skin should be dry, and there shouldn’t be clothing between the ECG sensors and the skin. In addition, any jewelry should be removed. Most people choose to get an ECG machine at home on the recommendation of their doctors, and they notify their doctor if they get a reading that shows anything irregular.