What to Know About Jeep JK Lift Kits

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Jeep JK lift kits raise the ride height of your Jeep by swapping out the springs and shocks. Although Wranglers are well known for their off-road capabilities, they can’t overcome every challenge. Your rig can navigate harder terrain with the help of a lift kit, and as a general rule, the taller the lift, the more you can move.

Suspension lifts are the most prevalent, and body lifts are the two categories of lift kits. A suspension raise increases the space between the axles and the frame, whereas a body lift increases the distance between the frame and the body.

Why Lift a Jeep?

Lifting your Jeep with Jeep JK off road parts will boost ground clearance, suspension travel, and the ability to install larger, more appropriate off-road tires if you want to engage in any significant off-roading. Additionally, people often raise their Wranglers to improve the way they appear.

When considering elevating your Jeep, consider your intended use, your budget, and the installation process’s potential complexity. Everyone’s motivations for installing a raise kit are unique. Your motive for boosting your Jeep will determine the type of lift you install, whether it’s for off-roading or just for looks.

Before You Get a Lift

If you’re not a skilled mechanic, it might be best to have a pro install any best-quality Jeep JK lift kits to ensure it’s done right and keep your rig from getting damaged by accident. If you want to lift your truck more than 3.5 inches, you may need different lower control arms and longer shocks. You will also need to make the brake lines on the front and back longer. If you lift more than 4 inches, you may also need longer upper control arms. You will also need to replace the track bar and get longer emergency brake lines.