What Type of Wedding Reception is the Best for you?

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Years ago weddings and wedding receptions were predictable, rarely was there any deviation from the time honored approach, things have changed considerably over the years and now couples can and do have their weddings and wedding receptions in Warren, MI from the early morning to late at night. Which reception is right for you?

Breakfast or Brunch reception:

If your choice was to have an early morning wedding then you will want to have a brunch reception. The menu will no doubt include such favorites as eggs Benedict and quiche and no doubt stations where your guests can have omelets prepared to their liking or freshly made French toast.

As people will not drink near the amount of alcohol as they would later in the day, an early reception is certainly less expensive and breakfast food is usually less costly as well. The down side is the guests who live perhaps two hours away, they have to get an early start and you won’t have as much time to prepare for the big day.

Lunch reception:

When the wedding is early in the day, but you need more time then lunch time wedding receptions in Warren, MI are ideal. You will be able to serve the same food that you might consider for a dinner reception and you will still have ample time to get away early on your honeymoon.

A great twist to a lunchtime reception is to have a picnic. Have the caterer prepare box lunches and offer big pitchers of iced tea and lemonade.

Cocktail wedding reception:

A cocktail wedding reception is very elegant and very stylish, a cocktail reception gives your guests the opportunity to mingle and meet friends that they may not have seen for years. They are relaxed, feeling more like a party than a staid sit-down reception.

Dinner reception:

Although there are many opportunities to plan a wonderful wedding reception, the classic and formal sit down dinner reception is still the favorite for many couples. It is a wonderful way of treating your guests, not only to a meal but to dancing and partying afterwards. Although this type of reception is by far the most expensive your guests will feel that you went all out for them.

The Gazebo Banquet Center is the ideal place to plan wedding receptions in Warren, MI. The Gazebo is the perfect place, elegant but still close to the city.