What Types of Cases Require a Family Law Attorney

Many people are already aware they may need a family law attorney if they’re going through a divorce or a related issue, such as child custody. However, these attorneys can provide a vast array of other services as well. Understanding what types of cases require a family lawyer will help you make the right choice when the time comes.


It may seem like you wouldn’t need an attorney to complete the adoption process, but the fact is it’s still a legal matter. While you won’t need one to achieve a positive outcome, it can be beneficial to hire one to help you understand the terminology that may be used and to help you fill out the paperwork properly. If you’re dealing with an international adoption versus a domestic one, make sure you hire an attorney who has the right experience.

Emergency Social Services Orders

Sometimes the home is deemed unsafe for children who are living there, whether it’s due to the living conditions or abuse by a parent, sibling or other adult in the home. Regardless of the reason, when social services needs to step in, it’s important for families to work with a family law attorney to get a resolution for their case. Whether they are fighting for a protection order against an abuser or they are trying to bring the child back into the home, these attorneys can help with the process.

Changes to Orders

When you would like to make changes to a divorce or custody order, you will need the help of an attorney, especially when it relates to the child. Relocation is one of the biggest reasons individuals need help navigating family court. It’s important to be able to prove something is in the best interest of the child, which makes working with an experienced family law attorney a must.

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