What You Need to Consider When Purchasing Used Restaurant Equipment

If you’re looking to expand your current restaurant or launch a new restaurant concept, one of your most important purchases will be the equipment that allows you to bring your culinary creations to life. While buying new equipment is certainly an option, used restaurant equipment is often a much more worthwhile investment.

When you decide to buy used, however, it’s important that you think through a few things to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Here, then, are some things you need to consider if you choose to purchase pre-owned restaurant equipment.


When you set out to look at a piece of equipment, it’s important to have a clear picture in your mind of what that piece looks like new. Take the time to look through manuals and photos to ensure you know the ins and outs of all the levers, switches, knobs, and accessories.

That way, when you look at the used equipment, you will be able to make sure it’s complete. The last thing you want to do is to buy a piece of used restaurant equipment only to find out later that it’s missing some crucial component. You can avoid this, though, if you prepare yourself in advance.

Years of Use

While commercial restaurant equipment is built to withstand quite a bit of abuse, it’s still important to understand the age of a piece of equipment before making a purchase. There are some components that just wear out eventually, which could cause you to have to replace the equipment prematurely. Just like with a pre-owned vehicle, then, where knowing the history is vital to the purchase process, it’s great to find out the history of a potential piece of used equipment, as well.

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