What you Need to Know About Long Term Car Rental in Honolulu

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Car rental services are the preferred choice for people who need a convenient mode of transport but have no access to their own vehicles. For instance, an individual may need to travel to a distant location either for business or pleasure. While there, they would need a convenient means of getting from one location to another, which is when they rent a car. Another example is when going on a trip with a group of people. You may not have a vehicle large enough to accommodate the entire group. In such a case, renting a larger car may be more cost effective than fueling two or more vehicles. While Long Term Car Rental Honolulu is a popular choice, here are the most important things that you need to consider when renting that car:

Car Rental Insurance

When renting a car, you have the option of taking rental car insurance that would cover any possible damages to the vehicle. This is separate from your own car insurance because it covers the rental car company from the loss that they would incur while their car is being fixed. Nevertheless, before purchasing this insurance, you need to check whether your credit card company already covers rental cars. They usually do so at no extra cost, and even though the coverage may be limited, you need to have this information so as not to incur any unnecessary costs.

Policy on Delayed Return

In as much as you may not intend to return the rental car late, it helps to understand what the policy of Long Term Car Rental Honolulu says about delays and extensions. Some rental companies do not have a half-day rate, which means that even if you are late by half an hour, you are going to have to pay for that entire day. It is also important to know whether they provide for extensions in their policy. You may need to extend your trip for one reason or other, and it is helpful to know that you can make a call and be allowed to extend your rental without penalties.

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