What You Should Know About Microfocus X Ray Source in Santa Cruz, CA

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When it comes to receiving adequate medical treatment, in many cases, taking an X-ray is a must. With so much depending on the test results, it is critical that the picture be as clear and visible as possible.

Focal Point

One of the major factors in how an X-ray machine performs is the size of its focal point. Microfocus X Ray source has a focal point small enough that it can prevent the image from blurring when it is enlarged.

Mini Focus Glass X-ray Tube

If you need an X-Ray tube for your original equipment manufacturer that can isolate and block X-ray tubes safely, then a glass tube may be ideal. You can choose from a number of different performance configurations, target materials, high stability, small focal spot, and even wide beam angles.

Silicon Encapsulated X-ray Tube

Made with filament wires and a high voltage cable, this X-ray tube can work well for applications that don’t need more than 15 watts. Encapsulated in silicon, these tubes have electrostatic isolation which helps with stability, so these tubes would be ideal.

When you are looking for a Microfocus X Ray source, make sure that the company has lots of experience in the industry. Tubes that are handmade may cost a bit more, but the attention to detail and the ability to customize your tubing can be well worth it. For more information, visit Micro X-Ray Inc. today.