What You Should Know About Wheel Alignment

by | Jul 5, 2014 | Auto Repair

When people think about important automotive services, getting their wheels aligned tends to get overlooked. Wheel alignment refers to both the way the wheels are lined up on a vehicle and the act of aligning them. If you’ve ever taken your hands off the steering wheel on a long straightaway, you were testing your alignment in a way. If your car stays straight, the wheels are properly aligned and the road is smooth, if not, either the wheels are out of adjustment or the pavement isn’t as smooth and straight as you think it is. It is possible to have just your front wheels aligned, or all four. There are many benefits to having wheels properly aligned, but unfortunately, there are many ways wheels can come out of alignment.

Benefits of Havings Wheels Properly Aligned
Having your wheels properly aligned makes your car drive straighter. This makes for a safer, smoother, more comfortable ride. The lack of pulling to one side or the other means that if your hands slip off the wheel, you won’t immediately go off the road. The tires will grip the road better, especially in bad weather. The tires will also last longer with better alignment and wear more evnely, saving you money. Speaking of saving money, well-aligned wheels improve your gas mileage. When wheels are out of alignment, it can cost you money by making tires and suspension parts wear out sooner.

What Takes Wheels Out of Alignment?
Perhaps the greatest enemy of wheel alignment is simple, everyday driving. The constant pulling of the wheels against each other can force one or more of them to go slightly out of alignment over time, especially if you drive over a lot of uneven roads or roads that are in need of repair. A car accident will almost certainly knock wheels out of alignment, as will potholes, speed bumps and driving over curbs, particularly at high speeds. Sometimes a change of parts will cause wheel to go out of alignment, such as replacing a tire or a tie rod end. This is why realignment is often recommended as part of any suspension work or after replacing tires.

If your car is pulling to one side, you’ve recently had new tires put on, or if you just want to check to make sure that your wheels are properly aligned, visit the professionals at Rgenins.com.

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