What’s New with Transport Management System Software?

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Running a business presents logistical issues of all different kinds and one vital issue that is sometimes overlooked is transportation management. Whether you do your own shipping with a fleet of trucks or use a variety of other carriers, it is often very difficult to keep track of all of the items coming into and going out of your business. Since the consequences for having a break in the supply chain can be quite severe, more and more businesses are turning to computer software to help with their transportation management needs.

What is Transport Management System Software?
It’s is a tool that allows you to make deliveries more efficient by providing automated route planning, load building, freight consolidation and dock scheduling. The software is designed to reduce waste and speed up deliveries. The software can communicate directly with the computer systems of freight carriers and manage and track shipments much more effectively than a person could ever hope to do without the help of the computer.

Recent Trends in Transport Management
One recent addition that is gaining popularity is the incorporation of driver management software into transport management packages. This allows management to keep track of applications and automate the entire hiring, recruitment and orientation process for drivers with the same software that plans loads and tracks shipments. This is actually part of a greater trend toward “one-stop-shopping” in transport management system software. Systems are now being created to handle every single aspect of transportation, from finding the best rate (even in multi-modal transportation), payment, tracking through various stages of shipment and hunting down lost shipments. More and more, software is starting to address international shipping as well, calculating tariffs and providing language support.

Many Choices Available
One overwhelming trend in transportation management is that it is being recognized as a major issue, and more and more companies are offering transportation management solutions. There are dozens of providers offering software, strategies and systems to help manage transportation. There is quite a range in terms of value and services offered, so businesses must do their homework and really know what they are looking for when they look at companies to help with transportation.

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