When Disaster Strikes and the Bills Pile Up, Talk to an Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer in Villa Rica GA

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Everyone knows how tough things have been for many people. Foreclosed homes can still be seen whether driving down a city street or a county road. Far too many people have had to box up what they could and unwillingly leave their home to try to start over somewhere else.

The number of bankruptcies filed every year has declined since it reached a high in 2005. That’s meaningless to someone who has been struggling to hang on after a job loss or high medical bills. In fact, the stress of losing a job and the subsequent problems can cause a heart attack or other illness, making a bad situation worse. Almost half of all bankruptcy filings are a result of a medical issue, such as medical bills or lost wages. Most people who end up filing for bankruptcy do not reach that point because of reckless spending, but because of financial hardship.

The average filer is married and middle-aged, has only a high school education and earns $30,000 per year or less. These are the typical paycheck-to-paycheck families. They are proud people who were never able to accumulate the resources to enable them to survive financially when an unexpected disaster strikes. Even when a lost job is replaced, it is apt to be for a smaller paycheck. When they own a home, they are often desperate to find a way to keep it. The bankruptcy laws were put in place to help people like this.

Daniel M. Barnes founded his law firm, West Georgia Attorney, in 1992. He is not a newcomer to Carroll County, but a descendant of people who had made their homes in the area since the 1840s. Mr. Barnes and his wife continue this family tradition by also making their home in Carroll County. He has a depth of knowledge and experience about legal matters and court cases that is put to work for his clients. When things are really tough, he wants to help. If you’re at the end of your rope and need a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Villa Rica GA, call and schedule a free consultation to discuss the available options. Daniel can also be contacted at his website .