When Do Defendants Have to Contact the Bondsman in Saginaw, TX?

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Defendants often wonder when do they need to contact the bondsman in Saginaw, TX. Is the bail bondsman similar to a probation officer? In general, many defendants do not need to contact the bail bondsman more than once. First of all, the guarantor and the person in jail will need to meet with the bail bondsman to sign some initial paperwork. Keep in mind that there are some occasions when additional contact is needed. It is important to understand when clients need to contact the bail bondsman even after the initial bail has been posted.

When a bail bond is initially posted, there is paperwork that needs to be signed by the guarantor and the defendant. The guarantor will need to fill some paperwork prior to the defendant being bailed out of jail. The paperwork includes an agreement to pay the nonrefundable bail bond premium as well as an agreement to pay the full amount of the bail bond if the defendant flees from justice. After the defendant leaves the jail, he or she will need to meet with the bondsman in Saginaw, TX to complete some paperwork. In most cases, there is no need for further contact with the bail bondsman if all conditions have been met including making all court appearances and paying the bail bond premium in full.

If the defendant knows that he or she will miss a court appearance, it is very important to let the bail bondsman know as soon as possible. If the judge believes that the defendant has fled from justice, the bail will be revoked. Furthermore, an arrest warrant will be issued against the defendant. A bail bondsman can prevent this from happening by explaining why the defendant couldn’t make the court appearance. The judge may accept the explanation and reschedule the missed court date. Defendants should always make sure that their lawyers, bail bond guarantors, and bail bondsmen are informed whenever there is a problem related to the bail bond. If nobody knows why a defendant missed a court appearance, the next thing that could happen is a bounty hunter or law enforcement officer arresting the defendant and returning the defendant to jail.