When expressing your Love, don’t just call, give her a ring

There are a million ways to tell someone you love them. You can sky write it, using a rented plane and a skywriter to express it, you can send them dozens of red roses or other flowers, you can take them to dinner and the theater, you can dedicate a new star to them and get a certificate and the list goes on. However, we all know that one of the best ways to tell someone you love them is to give them a ring. Ok, so a telephone ring is nice, but a ‘love’ ring is better. A love ring is simply a ring that has a shaped piece of wording on it reading ‘love’. For instance, a sterling silver love ring is a ring made from sterling silver but the ring is not just a band ring to fit on the finger. It is a ring that has the word ‘love’ twined into the shaped of the ring or the word ‘love’ affixed to the top side of the ring. There are many other options of design and many other materials that the rings can be made from.

Why Love Rings

The idea of a ‘love’ ring is to express ones love to their recipient. Designs can also include studded diamond versions, cubic zirconia stones or any other gems to spell out the word and make it stand out of the ring and be noticed. A ring for the finger is not just a ring, unless it is a band ring. Most ‘set’ rings have a hoop, two shoulders, a bezel and a mounting. If you consider a typical stone set ring with a single diamond or other gem, you will note that the hoop is joined by two shoulders—one on either side—and the should lead to the bezel area which ultimately holds the setting or mounting on the flat of the ring. Rings are also symbolic of many things and the finger upon which they are worn can determine or reflect the purpose of the ring. For example, it has long been common for the ‘ring finger’ to be the third finger on the left hand, mainly owing to beliefs that the vena amoris—the vein to the heart—was directly beneath that part of the hand.