When Foundation Repair Is Necessary: Worrisome Cracks

by | May 29, 2024 | Construction and Maintenance

As a homeowner, you want your home to be in good condition. To this end, you must inspect every aspect regularly. One area where it is essential to be vigilant is the foundation. If you spot any worrisome cracks, be proactive. Call a company specializing in foundation repair.

What Are Worrisome Cracks?

As a homeowner in North Little Rock, foundation repair work may become necessary if you notice specific issues with your home’s foundation. Among the cracks to be concerned about are the following.

  • Horizontal wall cracks: Wide or narrow, these cracks show the foundation has shifted.
  • Stair step cracks: If found in brick or masonry, these are a clear indication of a structural issue.
  • Diagonal cracks: You may find them around the doors and windows.
  • Wall-to-wall floor cracks: If the cracks on floor tiles stretch across the length of your floor, check for a foundation repair.
  • Parallel vertical cracks: When cracks appear on a wall side-by-side, you need to check the foundation.
  • Ceiling cracks: When the cracks are accompanied by sagging, indicates you need to tackle the causal factors ASAP.
  • Size: If you notice any crack becoming larger, this demonstrates an existing problem – potentially, structural damage.

These are all indicators of potentially serious problems affecting the foundation of your home.

Foundation Repairs

It does not matter whether the crack is small or large. Always contact a foundation repair specialist. S/he can provide you with an expert opinion on the severity of the problem and whether it is necessary to act immediately.

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