When Swimming Pool Vinyl Liner Replacement in Suffolk County, NY Is Advisable

It’s possible for swimming pool owners to complete their own vinyl Liner Replacement in Suffolk County NY when this becomes necessary, but most don’t want to bother with the hassle. They would rather hire professional pool service technicians to do the work. In addition to saving all that time, they also are sure that the job is done correctly.

The Importance of Following Instructions

The customers also must follow instructions from the technicians to the letter. This is the only way that liner replacement in Suffolk County NY will be guaranteed to not have wrinkles or other flaws.

For example, the technicians may want to have shop vacuum devices operating while water runs into the pool for a specific length of time. Technicians do not need to stay at the property while this part of the process is being completed. In some cases, a representative will call to tell the customer when to shut off the vacuum and water. Knowing this call will occur can help the customer relax and stop worrying.

A Leaking Liner

Replacement typically becomes necessary when the liner starts to leak. The obvious sign is the pool owner having to add significantly more water than usual every week. Sometimes, a liner leak can be repaired, but if the liner is more than 10 years old, it’s probably time to consider having it replaced. Schedule an appointment to have a technician evaluate the liner.

Fading, Cracking and Tearing

Fading also gradually occurs because of exposure to ultraviolet light and sanitizing chemicals. This isn’t a functional problem, but the liner may eventually start to crack. If small areas of tearing develop, these spots can be repaired. Usually, the pool owner can do this with a kit purchased from a home improvement store.

Vinyl liners, as installed by a company such as Sky Blue Pools, are very durable. However, they are not indestructible. It’s important to keep sharp objects out of the pool that could rip the liner. Kids may think it’s fun to play with metal toys in the water, but that should be avoided. Dogs with sharp nails can also tear the vinyl surface if they are allowed in the pool.