When to Visit a Stratford CT Dentist?

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The key to having the healthiest teeth possible is by visiting the dentist on a routine basis. All dentists recommend the dental patient to visit the dentist at least every six months to have the health of the teeth examined. This is the time to rely on the expertise of the Stratford CT dentist to evaluate the teeth.

Cleaning the Teeth

The first step when going in for your bi-annual exam for your teeth is to have the teeth cleaned. This can be achieved with the assistance of the dental hygienist. He or she will thoroughly clean the teeth and work to remove any plaque that has accumulated since the last visit.

The hardening of plaque can cause many problems for the teeth and gums. It is important to avoid gum disease and potential tooth loss to remove hardened plaque. This should be done by the hygienist that will work to remove plaque that has built up since the last dental visit.

Examination by the Stratford CT Dentist

Once the hygienist has cleaned the teeth, the dentist will examine the dental patient’s teeth for decay. If any decay is found, it will be evaluated by the dentist. There are different classifications of decay and these vary numerically from one to six. The dental patient that has decay classified in this area will be capable of receiving a direct filling.

The direct filling is one of the simplest to perform and will involve the dentist removing the decay and filling the tooth with a composite material. This will restore the health of the teeth immediately when the decay is removed and the tooth is filled.

If the decay is severe or larger than a six, an indirect restoration must be completed. This is will involve a more invasive dental procedure to be competed and is also referred to as a crown. This can be completed in two visits to the dental office.

Finally, contact Larry I Gottlieb DDS to assist you with all of your dental needs and any restorations which may be required to allow for the maintenance of dental health.