When You Are Ready to Improve Your Smile Consider Veneers in Louisville KY

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In the world of cosmetic dentistry there are several ways to improve your smile. The most common of these is the application or peroxides to whiten the teeth, but this is only one simple step. When the teeth are crooked, misshapen or severely damaged then the dentist will have to take other steps for improvement. The easiest of these, at least for the patient, is dental Veneers in Louisville KY. Simply speaking, a veneer is a thin translucent porcelain shell placed over the front or visible portion of the teeth.

Of course, Dental Veneers at Springhurst Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Louisville KY require a little more work than that. First, the dentist must prepare the teeth. At one time this meant lots of filing to make room for the veneers, but modern veneers are much thinner and easier to place. Second, the dentist must shape the veneers so they fit in with the rest of your teeth. This is a critical point with Veneers in Louisville KY because a poorly shaped veneer can make your smile look awkward.

Veneers are unique in the cosmetic dentistry world in that they aren’t generally used for anything other than improving the smile. This is different from crowns and caps which are used to repair damaged teeth and cavities. However, veneers still need to be tough and durable so the patient can handle difficult to eat foods like apples or corn on the cob. Unfortunately, if the veneers are too big then your teeth will look too large and they could make eating a little difficult.

One of the most important reasons for getting veneers is to improve on your natural teeth. For instance, if your teeth are slightly crooked then veneers is an excellent option for gaining a smooth smile. Likewise, if your teeth are irregularly shaped then you may wish to consider veneers. These thin coverings can be used of the top or bottom teeth and provide an excellent covering for many problems including severe stains that won’t come out. This is important to consider when you have tried whitening products, but the stains still persist. When you are ready to improve your smile be sure to consider Springhurst Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Louisville KY for your cosmetic needs.