When you will need a car accident attorney

by | Nov 4, 2013 | Law Services, Lawyers and Law Firms

There are very few circumstances when a criminal attorney will be a necessity when the issue is a car accident, the lawyers that are usually involved are known as personal injury lawyers. A car accident is a civil case; the objective of the car accident attorney in Cincinnati is to get the victim, the lawyer’s client, the best possible compensation for the damages and injuries that are a result of the accident. The compensation will include all medical expenses as well as property damage.

Due to the number of accidents and other issues which include negligence, it usually is not difficult to locate an attorney. Many attorneys work in law firms that focus on these matters; this is especially true in larger cities. Any lawyer can litigate any cases but when an individual is involved in a car accident he is advised to seek out a personal injury lawyer to represent him as they will have experience in dealing with complex issues, both of a technical and medical nature as they relate to car accidents. In the event the case goes to court, these attorneys know who to call upon id experts are required for testimony.

In many cases it will not be necessary to engage a lawyer, even if there were injuries involved, however, it is always thought to be better to have an attorney to deal with the insurance company. Although the insurance company will work with the injured party, the adjusters mandate is to get the best deal for the company, not the injured party. A car accident attorney in Cincinnati knows this and is not intimidated with the bluster of the agent. It is recommended that as the injured party, you never sign an agreement with the insurance company prior to consulting with an attorney; you may be signing away your rights to significant damages.

A car accident attorney will try to keep the case out of court; most lawyers will work to agree a settlement that is acceptable to all concerned. Attorneys for both sides know that should the case go to court, the outcome may not be favorable to their client, they are happier when they know the details of the settlement.

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