When’s the Best Age to Introduce the Grooming Experience to Your Dog?

Puppy parents seeking local dog grooming in Bowie confront the same crucial question as puppy parents everywhere: At what age should you begin having your dog groomed? Traditional advice suggests 16 weeks, but it might be a little too late by then.

The Sweetest Age for a First Grooming Session

Experts now recommend you have your puppy groomed professionally for the first time at 10 to 12 weeks. The 12-week mark typically follows the second round of vaccinations, providing that your puppy is up to date.

Prior to professional grooming, take time to get your puppy used to being handled. Once you hit this milestone, start combing and brushing your puppy to familiarize him or her with the sensation. As a general rule, have your dog groomed every four to eight weeks.

What Grooming Services to Expect

Dog grooming in Bowie and around the world continues to evolve, with new procedures popping up routinely. Each procedure addresses critical aspects of dog care and hygiene, increasing the chances that your dog remains healthy, stays disease-free, looks great and smells pleasant.

You can treat your dog to a full package or a handful of services as needed. A hydrobath, a toasty dry-off and a hand-scissored haircut are standard. If necessary, consider deep conditioning and professional dematting.

A good dental cleaning might be in order, and there are even doggy massages to be had at the hands of skilled, licensed pros. Grooming sessions do more than improve your dog cosmetically; they’re also the ideal times to spot skin, hair and infestation issues also.

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