Where To Go For Urgent Medical Care in Anderson OH

When you or your family need Urgent Medical Care in Anderson OH, you have choices of providers. You can try to get into see your primary care physician, but that may not be possible on the same day. If you can get into the doctor’s office, that’s great. Go there for care from someone who knows you and your family. You can go to the emergency room (ER) and wait for countless hours with nothing to show for it but a huge bill and a recommendation to follow up with your doctor. You can go to Eastside Urgent Care of Anderson OH and be seen in less wait time with significantly lower cost then the ER. The choice is yours and the best bet is the urgent care center.

Urgent Medical Care in Anderson OH has extended evening and weekend hours and can take you in without an appointment much quicker than any other option. This is a good thing when you are feeling bad, in pain or have a minor fracture. Eastside Urgent Care can treat anything your doctor can such as cold/flu symptoms, sinus/ear/eye infections, stomach and head aches and bug bites/allergic reactions. They can also treat minor chemical burns and take a digital x-ray in the event of sprains, strains and suspected breaks. You can also get small cuts stitched, stapled or sutured there. They are also recognized Worker’s Compensation claim providers and can do occupational therapy and physical exams right there.

Urgent care can save you time and money when you are sick or suffering from minor rashes, burns or cuts. It cannot offer proper efficient care for life threatening situations. It is important to keep in mind that there are situations, such as life threatening conditions, where the ER is the only place that is appropriate. These include heart attack, chest pain or suspected stroke. Severe bleeding or severe abdominal pain are also not conditions for urgent care to treat. People suffering them either of those need the emergency room directly. Any head injury, major trauma or open fractures should be treated in the ER as well. Urgent care can handle anything your doctor’s office typically handles, plus a few more minor situations. It is not a substitute for emergency medical care.