Where to Shop for Water Heaters in Chicago

by | Jan 25, 2014 | Plumbing and Plumbers

Water heaters are available at a variety of places throughout the Chicago area, but simply buying the least expensive one from a local big box store may not be the best solution. Selecting the best water heater can save a great deal of money over the lifespan of the unit, so getting advice from a professional before making a choice is strongly recommended.

Usage, utility costs, and space available for a unit must all be considered when selecting a new water heater.

High volume users who require large amounts of hot water throughout the day might benefit from a larger unit or one that recovers very rapidly during use, and a plumbing professional can help select an appropriate unit quickly. Homeowners who infrequently use any hot water may be better served by installing a different type of unit.

Today’s increasing energy costs are leading many consumers to opt for newer tankless water heaters as a way to minimize utility costs. Tank-less units can also be located near usage points to reduce water wasted while waiting for hot water to get to the sink or shower. Many homes have a bathroom that is located far from an existing water heater, and for those situations tankless heaters may be a good option.

Replacing a water heater with one of the low cost units commonly displayed at many outlets is not generally the best choice. Doing so may reduce the initial cost of the replacement, but increase the long-term cost of the hot water supply. Low cost units rarely operate as efficiently as better quality water heaters. Shop for Water Heaters in Chicago where over-all value is emphasized over cheap initial cost. Better shops want clients to be satisfied in the long-run, not just with a low initial price. When buying a water heater, work with a company that is interested in saving money over several years, not just initial price.



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