Which are Better, Salt or Chlorine pools?

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Almost by default, chlorine has been the method used to sanitize swimming pools in Cape Coral, FL for years; there was no other way until many pool owners decided to discard chlorination in favor of salt.


What if anything seems to be the drawback of chlorine? A sanitizing agent is designed to kill algae and bacteria, maintain the pools attractiveness and keep it a healthy, safe and sanitary place to enjoy swimming; chlorine does this. It does not take very long for a chlorinated pool to be covered with green algae if the chlorination ceases, if your pool is located in a state which is warm year round, it can take less than a week for algae to take hold.

Using chlorine as a pool maintenance chemical is not enough, it must be used in conjunction with other chemicals and the water quality must be constantly checked. By checking the water you can assure that there is enough active chlorine to maintain sanitation.

It is important that the pH level of the water be balanced. If the pH is too high the chlorines effectiveness is reduced, if it drops too low the water quickly becomes acidic, not comfortable for swimming. This can be quite difficult to maintain as the band is narrow and it can be affected by rain and other external influences.


Salt Water:

The primary advantage to a salt water pool is the fact that chlorine is not added to the water. Chlorine is a component of the water but it does not have to be added by the owner, it is a natural component of salt. Salt water is somewhat softer than chlorinated water which makes it nicer to swim in and is not as harsh on skin.

Although there is an expense to make the conversion from chlorine to salt water this cost will be offset over time as there is no need to purchase chlorine. A bag of salt is very inexpensive when compared to a bag of chlorine.

Although a salt water pool is delightful to swim in, don’t fool yourself into thinking it is maintenance free, it is not. Salt water swimming pools in Cape Coral, FL need the pH levels checked and balanced and there are the same maintenance tasks such as cleaning.

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