Whiten Your Teeth with Customized Molds

If you feel like you have an ugly smile, then remember that Chicago cosmetic dentistry experts can repair your teeth. You may have yellow dental enamel because you consume too many soft drinks that contain artificial food dyes, but a dentist can remove these stains. Arrange an appointment with a dentist to have your teeth evaluated to determine if you are eligible for a professional teeth-whitening procedure. A dentist can make customized molds of your teeth so that the bleaching gel remains against the surface of your teeth. After having the whitening chemical on your teeth for 45 minutes, you can rinse your mouth to see how perfect your teeth look.

Fix Chipped Teeth with Bonding or Veneers

When you have chipped teeth, a cosmetic dentistry Chicago dentist can fix the problem in a variety of ways. It is possible for a dentist to fix tiny chips with a bonding substance that matches the color of your teeth. After this substance dries, the dentist will use a tool to polish the tooth until it looks natural. An additional way to repair a chipped tooth toward the front of your mouth is by attaching a thin porcelain veneer to it. These tiny dental restorations will protect the surface of a tooth while also improving your smile.

Request Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

With dental implants, you can have a permanent restoration that is easy to take care of each day. To have dental implants, you need healthy gums and strong alveolar bones. If you have gingivitis or weak bones, then a dentist can fix these problems before drilling a hole in your gums for a metal post that will hold a customized crown. To learn more, contact Art of Modern Dentistry at our website located at https://www.artofmoderndentistry.com/.