Why a Full Service Auto Shop Offers the Best Porsche Service in Chicago

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Chicago residents who own Porsche’s want the best care for them, and some assume that this means using dealers or custom body shops. However, smart vehicle owners in the area know that specialists, such as VFC Engineering, offer faster, more affordable professional solutions. These experts specialize in providing:

CUTTING EDGE SERVICE: Our mechanics are highly trained and use high-tech equipment that allows them to work on a wide variety of foreign and domestic vehicles. In addition to providing specialized Porsche service in Chicago, they can offer repairs, maintenance, and other services for BMW, Audi, Volvo, Mercedes, and more. Mechanics provide professional services for anti-lock brakes, check engine problems, airbag issues, electronic systems, and more. Clients get the same high-level, specialized results offered by dealers, at a fraction of the cost.

COSMETIC RECONDITIONING: Even the most carefully-kept autos suffer from Chicago environment. Off-street parking, salt used on snow, road hazards, valet parking, and even hail damage can leave cars dinged and damaged. However, owners can rely on reconditioning experts when they need Porsche service in Chicago. Professionals provide paintless dent removal, wet sanding and buffing, and scratch removal. They also specialize in fast bumper repair, and wheel refinishing. Technicians can rejuvenate alloy wheels in just one or two days, and save customers the cost of replacing them.

DETAILING: Car owners can rely on auto specialists to restore their vehicles to virtually like-new condition with complete detailing. Experts use processes that restore and protect interiors, exteriors, wheels, engines, and trunks. Their specially-designed products and equipment leave autos with a showroom finish.

END OF LEASE SERVICES: Many Chicago drivers lease luxury vehicles. This is economical, but manufacturers require that the cars are carefully inspected before being turned in. If damages are found, clients can be assessed heavy fees. As a result, many area residents rely on our specialists to ready their leased cars for inspections.

Auto specialists such as VFC Engineering keep Chicago vehicles looking and running their best, by offering professional, affordable, and fast repairs, maintenance, and cosmetic services at a fraction of the cost that dealers charge. They also provide detailing, end-of-lease, and other services for virtually any domestic or foreign vehicle.