Why Choose Chevy?

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People quickly recognize a Chevrolet vehicle. How could you miss it? With its trademark “bow tie” on the front of every car and truck that graces the streets, sales lots and advertisements of every town and city from Wichita KS to Memphis TN, it is truly hard not to recognize a Chevy.

Why Buy a Chevy?

Brand recognition is one thing; buying a car or truck because of this is another. The vehicle needs to meet or even exceed customer expectations at different levels. Chevy does this. It:

  • Manufactures affordable vehicles
  • Offers a variety of models ranging from subcompact cars to sedans to heavy-duty trucks
  • Has longevity. The company formed in 1911 made its first car sporting the bow tie logo (the Royal Mail Roadster) two years later. It produced its first serious impression on the American public in 1915 with the Chevrolet 490 and its first truck in 1918. Without substance, Chevy would have folded long ago.
  • Has been the recipient of multiple quality awards
  • Continually scores high on safety
  • Works hard to decrease its impact on the environment including producing electric cars

Some also argue Chevrolet should be acknowledged for idesigning and manufacturing of one of the world’s all-time incomparable sports cars – the Corvette.

Choosing a Chevy

These are only some of the reasons why, if you live in Wichita KS, you might prefer a Chevrolet to other vehicles. From responsible manufacturing to affordability and durability, Chevy retains its hold on the popular imagination. More than 100 years later, it continues to show its ability to understand what working people need.