Why Dental Implants in Cranford NJ Could Be a Better Solution for You Than a Bridge

Dental patients who are looking to replace one or more teeth that they’ve lost often have a few options available to them. Depending on your unique situation, your oral surgeon may offer you the option of getting a bridge or replacing your missing teeth with dental implants. While no single solution will likely be best for every patient, it’s important to realize that dental implants do have a few advantages over dental bridges. For those who need to make a decision about which procedure will be better for them, keep reading to find out why implants in Cranford NJ are worth your consideration.

1. Dental implants have the advantage of working more like your very own natural teeth. Since they actually replace your tooth root and are attached to your jawbone, they usually feel better in your mouth and help you function more naturally as you eat, drink and speak each day.

2. Placing implants does not usually require your oral surgeon to disrupt what’s going on with your other teeth. In order to properly place a bridge in your mouth, the dentist has to shave the surrounding teeth so that they can provide the proper support.

3. Unfortunately, dental bridges won’t really help patients who have experienced bone loss as a result of having missing teeth for a significant period of time. Because implants are substitutes for your root and are attached to your jawbone to mimic the structure of your natural teeth, your bone will be better stimulated and preserved.

4. Implants often allow patients to have a much easier time with the upkeep of their oral hygiene. Shaving down the surrounding teeth in order to have a bridge placed in your mouth can make them more susceptible to decay, especially if the cement anchor doesn’t stay in place like it should.

Getting dental implants sometimes require a little more patience than having a bridge placed in your mouth, but seeing a good oral surgeon means that patients will likely be very happy with the results. If you’d like to know more about dental implants, get in contact with the professionals at Westfield Oral Surgery to discuss your options for improving your smile.