Why Dentists are into Facial Esthetics in Geneva, IL

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It is no big secret that people are concerned with their facial appearance. No one wants to be thought of as ugly or unreasonably attractive. For every person out there who really deals with this problem, there are some things that can be done to alleviate the problem. There is a dental service that offers Facial Esthetics in Geneva, IL. They want to tell you a little more about all that is involved in facial esthetics.

When talking on the subject of facial esthetics, the terms “Botox” and “Juverderm fillers” might come to mind. Many people are aware of Botox injections. Juverderm fillers might not be such a common term to the average layperson. But, both of these are terms that are no longer isolated to the plastic surgery field. Dentists now are on the rise, offering these specialized services to their patients. One may wonder why a dentist would be involved in facial esthetics; this seems like the work of a plastic surgeon. The fact is, general dentists in today’s society must concern themselves with facial surgeries, especially because all of this is a part of the oral and maxillofacial makeup.

It is only right that dentists would avail themselves of these procedures since almost every dental procedure involves some significance to the facial and jaw structure. For example, any time crowns, veneers, implants or dentures are employed, some degree of the patient’s face and/or jaw will be affected. Therefore, dentists are now involved in Botox and dermal fillers. They were already involved in the temporo-mandibular joint disorders, which involves reconstructive surgeries at times in the jawline area. Adding the Botox and filler services was only a matter of official record.

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